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My blog viscously shoots between lesbian porn and angry feminist rants; typically with no warning.
I have no shame, so i refuse to tag my shit as NSFW. My blog isn't a good place for you to browse in front of the boss lady or with gramma.

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Some of my favorite pictures from the shoot. They haven’t been photoshopped yet. I can’t wait to see the what the finished product will look like

If you live in Pittsburgh and need your pictures taken, inbox me and I’ll pass along my photographers info.


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  • tumblr: omg look at this sex god
  • me: he has the appeal of a wet potato chip


Imagine that at the end of Dumbledore’s speech at the beginning of the year, he asks if there are any questions, and one first year muggleborn kid raises his hand, whips out a smart phone and asks for the wifi password.

And then Dumbledore just casually says “Sherbet lemon, with a capital S”, and commences the feast like it’s no big deal while the non-muggleborns think WIFI is some sort of secret society.

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